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For the do-it-your-selfer, offering vintage sets of antique Carom plugs in original condition
(would need reconditioning).

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Dan Bennicas ( offers a quality Carom Insert set that can convert your pool table to a 3 cushion Carom/Billiard table.

Dan is a long time pool and billiard player that had toured with Jimmy Caras doing trick shot exhibitions as well as play some of the great champions in the past, Willie Mosconi, Johnny Ervilino, Joe Balsis, Luther Lassiter, Earl Strickland, Shawn Putnam and Billiards Champion Harry Simms.

Dan also has a love for 3 cushion billiards and is trying to resurge an interest in this very challenging game. After two years of study and development, Dan has perfected building and Patenting a truly Universal set of Carom Inserts. These inserts are easy to use and will adjust to pocket openings as well as angle and cushion nose height. The standard set of inserts we offer will work on any pool table that falls within "BCA" pocket opening specs (see chart below).Custom sets can be made if your table falls below or above these parameters.

A  video link is below, Marcus Norwood of Forcefollow is responsible for this video showing how easy these are adjusted/installed on a table.

Each set comes with a 90 day Limited Warranty from, an installation guide, Phillips screwdriver for adjusting/installation.

Standard cloth brand and color available is Simonis Green. Any other color/brand of cloth can be ordered, there is a 75.00 Custom charge over the standard insert price. Delivery is 2-4 weeks on stock color, approximate 4-6 weeks on custom sized inserts or custom colors  of cloth.

The carom pocket insert ensemble kit  is a reasonable option to convert your pool table to a carom table. This kit offers an opportunity to learn and play 3 cushion billiards. We do not profess that it will convert your pool table into a world class Carom Billiard table.

Any questions feel free to call Dan Bennicas 843-681-4193 Exclusive Distributor of DLB Designs "Universal Pocket Inserts"



Optional aluminum travel case on the left, plastic travel cast on the right.

Shows inserts in a Brunswick Gold Crown table.


Shows inserts in a Brunswick Gold Crown table.

Shows inserts in an antique table.


Shows inserts in an antique table.

How to Install Carom Pocket Inserts video by Forcefollow

Ordering Information:

Measurement Guide (PDF)

For information, pricing and ordering contact Dan Bennicas at 843-681-4193.

If you are interested in Quality Carom/Billiard Ball sets, please visit our supply site



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