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Classic Billiards is proud to announce new replacement sets of slates for antique pool tables.  Slates have wood backing and include inserted nuts threaded to accommodate your bolts.  (We can also supply bolts if needed, please call for quote).

What is needed to order a replacement set of slate for your pool table:

1. You will be required to ship all six rails as well as pockets and rail bolts.
2. You will need to be able to furnish a business address to receive the set of slates and your return rails/parts (if a business address cannot be furnished, additional shipping charges may apply).
3. You will need to be able to wait 6-10 weeks after we receive your parts.
4. We will need a 50% deposit and balance due prior to shipping.

Cost for each set is $1,450.00 plus shipping (call for quote).
This does NOT include bolts if we need to supply any.
Pricing is for 7, 8 and 9 foot tables with 1 inch slate only.

Your items will need to be shipped to our slate manufacturing facility.
Please call Ken Hash to discuss all details at 410-256-8388.

These slates are for DROP POCKET tables (the wood backing is not grooved for ball return tables, however it can be done with a belt sander when you get them .. we will be happy to discuss.

We also have Anniversary, Centennial and Gold Crown Slates in stock.  Available in Snooker, Pool or Billiard.  $750 for 8 or 9 foot sizes, $850 for 5x10 foot size (please call to order and for shipping quote).

The following pictures show what is involved in making a set of slates to accommodate
antique style rails/bolts, etc.

Drilling holes in the shades of slate...

Hole drilled in the top to accommodate nut for T style/antique style rails

Equipment needed for the job!

Tools needed, hard to find taps, dies and nuts for properly supplying the right slates.

Nut in place, prior to sealing in place (showing a square nut, 16TPI, barrel nuts will be supplied if old style 14 threads per inch as well)

Ready to ship!!!













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