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Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Pocket Specifications

Pocket Openings & Measurements (for cloth-covered rails)

Pocket openings are measured from tip to tip of the opposing cushion noses where direction changes into the pocket. This is called the mouth.

Corner Pocket
Mouth: 4 1/8” minimum to 5 1/8” maximum
Angle: Entrance on each side of the pocket 142° (±1°)

Side Pocket
Mouth between 4 7/8” minimum to 5 5/8” maximum
Angle: Entrance on each side of the pocket 103° (±2°)

Vertical Pocket Angle
Angle: 12° minimum to 15° maximum

Shelf Measurements

The shelf is measured from the center of the imaginary line that goes from one side of the mouth to the other where the nose of the cushion changes direction to the center of the vertical cut of the slate pocket radius.

Corner Pocket
1 5/8” minimum to 1 7/8” maximum

Side Pocket
0” minimum to 3/8” maximum

Drop Point Slate Radius

The pocket radius measured from the vertical cut of the slate to the playing surface.

Drop Point Slate Radius
1/8” radius minimum to ¼” radius maximum

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