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Antique Pool Tables for Sale

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C.G. Akam Circa 1879

This 4' x 8' table is comprised of an ornamental cast iron body and rail aprons and is restored in a custom bright nickel finish. The designs include birds, leaves, and flowers.

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The Jewel Circa 1896

Incredible table produced by Brunswick in the 1890s with intricate woodwork detail. Same model located in the White House. Available 4.5' x 9' regulation size, Oak or Mahoghany.

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The Monarch Circa 1880

The most desirable Brunswick antique pool table produced in the 1870s and 1880s. We are offering a very fine 4' x 8' model with rosewood background (similar to picture).

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B.A. Stevens Circa 1898

4.5' x 9' regulation size oak table by B.A. Stevens (Ohio) has unique sprial legs and intricate carving on the cabinet and sides of rail. This table is offered in restored condition.

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