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3/8" High Quality Neoprene 50 Durometer Hardness Die Cut Cushion Facings

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$29.95 each

Product #: HQCushionFacings_50_38


3/8" cushion facings will serve as a suitable/affordable alternative to expensive sub rail extensions. If you want to achieve a pocket size, approximate 1/2" tighter than stock. We have sent several sets to installers that have tried these facings and all have come up with the same conclusion - that they work well. We lowered the durometer rating (hardness) to compensate for the thicker material.


  • You can install on rails and not replace your existing cushions.
  • You are not altering the table rail so you can change the facings out at a later point with a thinner variety to open pockets back up.
  • Great alternative to stacking facings.

Set of 12 facings 3/8" (9.5mm).

Billiard Congress of America pocket table specifications
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