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Classic Billiards/MBS K-66 Cushions

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$69.95 each

Product #: CB-CushionRubberK66_42

Size / Set


A limited quantity of two (complete sets for each size) per order.

Most manufacturers (other than Brunswick and Diamond) usually used a K-66 cushion rubber.

  • Gum rubber cushions
  • Top & backside surfaces canvas reinforced
  • 1-1/8" x 1-3/16"
  • Available for the following pool table sizes:
    • 8' table size (42", set of six)
    • 8' oversize / 9' table size (48", set of six)
    • 10' table size (117", set of three)

Classic Billiards/MBS affordable brand of cushion rubber is provided by a manufacturing facility with 25 years of experience producing quality billiards cushions to the industry.

There are different profiles of cushion available for pool table rails. If you are not sure what type to order, please call to discuss and we will help you select the proper profile/type of cushion for your rails. The PLAY QUALITY is based on a combination of proper cushion and cushion height.

Billiard Congress of America pocket table specifications
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